10,000+ positive feedback on Ebay
-*expert packaging on every item
-*strives to ensure each item is as described


(a stock photo means a generic photo, such as a site that has one picture for 10 quantity.  a stock photo simply REPRESENTS your purchase) 

With Actual Picture Items, you are purchasing the exact item pictured, and it is the actual item you will receive. If I have multiple quantity of the same card, they are pictured separately and sold in separate listings. (unless listed as a playset)

Quick Note – Cards I have duplicates of will usually have a title ending with “ID #2” , or “ID #3” etc, which helps me locate the correct version. ID is not a promo, it has nothing to do with the item itself. Any reference to “ID” is for Phyrexian Games internal use for inventory location.


Question: Why do you have such a limited inventory?

Answer: I traded 80% of my inventory to get the BGS 9.5 Beta Black Lotus

Question: I want to trade you cards, but I am worried that after I ship my cards, somebody else will purchase the card I want.

Answer: I understand that frustration of trading in cards to buy something specific, but by the time  your buylist is processed, the card you wanted is no longer available. If you are trading specifically to get a certain item, just mention that in the buylist email/contact method.  If we come to an agreement, I will remove the item/s you want from the website and “hold it”.  As long as tracking is provided within 2 business days, the item/s will remain on hold until your buylist trade is fully processed.  However, if we make an agreement and no tracking is sent within 2 business days, then the item will be relisted and available for others to purchase.

Question: How long has Phyrexian Games been around? How did it begin?

Answer: Erik, the owner, started as a player in 2000, and quickly started to play/buy/sell/trade at a young age. Starting with just a small trade binder and some com/unc playsets, became a very small-time Ebay seller in 2005, username “phyrexianballer”.  Eventually, started to vend at local in-person events/tournaments : vendor booth name was “Phyrexianballer MTG cards”.  Then in 2012, created the website and changed store name to Phyrexian Games. Since 2005, Phyrexian Games has continued selling on Ebay