IF YOU SEE “PGEA Graded” please use this guide, graded by Phyrexian Games. 

PGEA = Phyrexian Games Ebay Auctions.

10 Flawless = A perfect or near perfect card both to the naked eye and upon close inspection and is well centered.

10 Pristine = Card is perfect to the naked eye but may have one or two tiny flaws upon close inspection, or may be flawless but offcenter.

9.5 GEM MINT = pack fresh, may have a few small flaws. May have minor edge/corner issues typically right out the pack, as long as surface is near perfect, or card may have minor surface imperfection but near pefect corners and edges, etc.

9.0 Mint =
Basically pack fresh, but may have minor flaws such as light edge flaws,  edge nick, or small flaws on the surface, etc.  These are very light issues and card overall looks like it was pulled from a pack and not played but probably had minor flaws from either handling or straight out the pack.

8.5 Near mint – 

card appears close to mint, but upon closer inspection may have minor edge/corner/surface flaws that are noticable. Such as an edge nick/light indent or series of edge nicks. Very light scratches may be noticable upon very close inspection. Overall, the card should still have nice eye appeal

8.0 Light played =
Exactly what it sounds like. The card appears to be overall lightly used. Such as: Light scratching, light edge wear, light corner wear, etc. Theres such a wide range of lightly used condition examples, lets just stick to what it sounds like, “light” issues.  This may include all or some of the above flaws, as long as the overall appearance seems lightly used.

7.5 Moderate play =
very obvious the card has seen a reasonable amount / moderate amount of play.  May include dirt marks, minor corner creasing, moderate corner wear, and/or moderate edge and surface issues. Or, A mint / near mint card with a medium flaw may be listed as moderate play.

7.0 Played =
heavy play. Will include a wide range of used conditions, but nothing will have major damage, major creasing, or inking. May include whitening on the surface, large amount of black dirts marks, light bending, light creasing, light indents, etc.

6.5 DAMAGED –  medium creasing, liquid damage, medium indents, etc.

6.0 Heavily Damaged = very damaged to the point of unplayable in events, may include very large creasing, tears, holes, etc. 

PLEASE KEEP IN MIND, Scans do not usually reveal all defects, ESPECIALLY SURFACE ISSUES.  Please use this guide along with pictures to help.

This is a GUIDE. There is such a wide range of conditions, each card may not fit into an exact definition.

I have gone through hundreds of thousands of cards, and use my experience to grade.

I am not perfect, but overall I have a very good judgement of card conditions.

*condition terms/guidelines may change at any time.


please only use the grade if purchase directly from Phyrexian Games.

The case is NOT sealed, so anybody can easily swap cards. 

This grading is only meant to be direct to the original customer as a raw condition grade.