PGEA = Phyrexian Games Ebay Auctions




I have been involved with mtg for over 25 years, gone through over a million cards, and would consider myself an expert grader. I am not perfect, but I am confidant enough to offer this new service for listings offered by the PhyrexianGames Ebay Store and Website.

ALL PGEA GRADED CARDS are graded by Erik, the owner.

Please note* In this beginning phase of PGEA GRADED, the items are NOT Tamper Proof. The case is not sealed, the label is simply printed, hand-cut, and attached with tape. This is only meant to be graded for the customer purchasing the item directly from PhyrexianGames on EBay or Website. Please do not purchase a PGEA GRADED item from anybody else, as I cannot guarantee it has not been tampered with. Hopefully in time, I will be able to provide a more professional overall service, but for now this is meant for expert grading opinion on raw cards.




10 - Flawless

A perfect card to the naked eye. Upon close inspection, there is no obvious flaws. Only the tiniest imperfection may apply. Card cannot have print flaws.


10 - Pristine

A card near perfect to the naked eye but may have tiny flaws upon very close inspection. Card cannot have print flaws.


9.5 Gem mint

Pack fresh, but may have small flaws. Such as minor edge issues, minor surface issue, minor corner issue. But overall, it is clearly unplayed. Card can have print flaws.


9.0 Mint

Pack fresh, but may have minor flaws, such as a light nick/s, small surface flaw, or small flaws around multiple corners.


8.5 Near Mint

Card appears close to mint, but upon close inspection, some minor flaws are easily noticable. Such as a light edge flaws, minor surface scratch, light corner issues. The card should still look overall unplayed or maybe sleeved for literally a few games.


8.0 Lightly Played

Card should appear exactly how it sounds, lightly used, Such as light scratching, light edge wear, light corner wear. Might have a light amount of black dirt marks. May have very light bending.


7.5 Moderately Played (MP)

Usually very obvious the card has seen a reasonable amount of play. May include dirt marks, light indents, light corner creasing, moderate play wear, moderate whitening. A mint card with a medium surface flaw such as a minor crease will typically be listed as MP.


7.0 Heavily Played (HP)

Will include a wide range of heavily used conditions, such as heavy border wear, light creasing, light bending, light indents, or overall clear heavy use.

Nothing will have major damage.


6.5 Damaged

Medium damage, such as medium indents, medium creasing, light liquid spots, etc.


6.0 Heavily Damaged

Extremely damaged, and should be considered unplayable. May include heavy crease, heavy bends, holes, or other various forms of damage.  



Scans do not usually reveal all defects, ESPECIALLY SURFACE ISSUES.  Please use this guide along with pictures to help.

This is a GUIDE. There is such a wide range of conditions, each card may not fit into an exact definition.

I am not perfect, but overall I have a very good judgement of card conditions.


*condition terms/guidelines may change at any time