Any person who sells/trades us counterfeit cards will be notified. Fake cards are documented (pictures/and or video) then destroyed. Fake cards are not returned.
Customers who sell us fake cards will be notified and either:
1. warned.
2. banned.
3. reported to authority (for serious offender or someone who I suspect sent fraudulent card/s intentionally)

In rare instances when the same item sells on the website around the same time to multiple customers, causing the item to be oversold, there is only one fair resolution. In this case, the item will go to whoever’s payment was sent first.

Please note ***  I ship ALL items I can, even during price spikes. If I cancel an order, I am out of the card due to overselling mistake, not price related.

are not accepted for any reason, unless Phyrexian Games made a mistake or if there was a postal issue.

In the event Phyrexian Games ships an order and there is a postal issue:
1. if the package is lost, you will be reimbursed for the full value.
2. If the package or items inside are damaged, you must send pictures. Reimbursement/Return options will be offered on a case to case basis based on the damage done. I will try to reach a reasonable resolution with the buyer, either through a return and refund, or a partial refund and you keep the cards. Each scenario may require a different appproach depending on the exact postal issue. Returns are NOT accepted unless there was a postal issue or if Phyrexian Games made a mistake.